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Get Zip Code Specific Medicare Plan Information Below

Free Medicare Advantage & Medicare Supplement Reviews

*By clicking on this link you will be entering a consumer facing plan finder site, this will allow you to research plans at your convenience. If you need any assistance please call me.

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About Kingers Medicare

Kingers Slogan is "Making Medicare Easy."  How we make it easy is that we focus on educating the customers, showing them options that are going to fit their needs, and guiding them into the plan that suits them.  We make sure our customers can make an informed decision.  We are UNBIASED in our analysis!  We write BOTH Medicare Supplements AND Medicare Advantage Plans.  HMO and PPO!


Kingers Medicare Services


Protecting Futures

We have over 25 years of insurance experience helping clients prepare for the unknown. Ask us about:

• Life Insurance

• Medicare Advantage Plans

• Annuities

• Medicare Prescription Plans

• Long Term Care Insurance


We can access many different insurance products so you can get the right one for you.

Business Meeting

Assessing Need

Each person is an individual and we do not believe in a ONE SIZE FITS ALL mentality.  Hence why Kingers contracts with over 12 different companies.  Some zip codes have over 50 options!  I have a process that I use to narrow the field of appropriate plans, based on many different criteria, including, but not limited to:


1. Risk Tolerance

2. Network or NO Network (Docs/Hospitals)

3. Medications

4. Dental Needs

5. Vision Needs

6. Hearing Aid Needs

7. Transportation Needs


So before a plan recommendation is even considered, we educate our customers on the choices they have, and narrow the field to a couple choices, based on our customers individual needs and wants.

*By clicking on this link you will be entering a consumer facing plan finder site, this will allow you to research plans at your convenience.  If you need any assistance please call me.

Building Relationships

At Kingers, LLC, we understand the value of trust in relationships.  Thats why we pledge to be there for you, even after the enrollment in your Medicare Advantage Plan Or Medicare Supplement.  We are only a phone call or a text away, always.


"There are sometimes 10 or more plans WITH the SAME company in various markets!" Ryan King


Ryan King

I began my career in Insurance Sales in February, 1998 as a Medicare Supplement Specialist in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  In August 2010, my family and I moved to the Phoenix Arizona area to focus on Medicare Advantage Plans, as well as Medicare Supplements.  In December 2018, I started my own agency Kingers LLC and am always looking for new talent.  I am currently licensed in 25 states and certified with over 12 Major Health Plans.  I help Medicare Beneficiaries in person or virtually.  I make Medicare EASY!



"Ryan really educated us on our choices and made it easy to select our plan once we understood a couple of basic concepts."

Donna P.

“My wife and I moved down to this area from out of state. His follow up from contacting him was spot on and helped my wife and I figure out the best Medicare plan for our situation. We elected to change plans and Ryan was right there with all the important information we needed to know for a new plan.”

Rudy J.

“Ryan has been the best agent that we've ever had and very responsive when we needed help with our Medicare plan or needed to change it or make adjustments.”

Jeff P.

When is the last time you spoke to your agent?

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